Making Your Drupal Site Mobile-Friendly


With the advancements of mobile phones, the ownership of smart phones have been increasing rapidly. And as tariffs for data plans get cheaper, more are surfing the Internet while on the go. Gone are the days of text-based WAP pages now that full-fledged HTML pages can be used.

This means, when building your website, you have an extra consideration to be mobile-friendly. And that means  it has to be hassle-free (eg. minimum/zero horizontal scroll, easy navigation, content file size) so your website is just as usable when viewed on a phone as it is on your computer.

Given that your website is running on Drupal, there are two ways to go mobile. If you already have a mobile theme ready for use, but havent got a device detection to switch the theme for mobile devices, you can use Mobile Tools ( Alternatively, if you are looking for an easy way to “mobile” your site from scratch, use Osmobi (

Following is an overview of what the two modules can do:

Functionality Mobile Tools Osmobi
Device Detection Yes Yes
Redirection to the mobile site Yes Yes
Theme switching Yes Yes
Switch for device groups Yes No
Support for Mobile User roles Yes No
Contains mobile theme No Yes
Changing look & Feel of mobile site No Yes
Resizing images No Yes
Adding advertisement No Yes
Adding analytics No Yes

To conclude, the Mobile Tools module is more for developers who require more customisation and control while Osmobi works better for the newbie because it’s just a friendlier way to get your website mobile ready!

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