My First iPhone Apps Submission Experience

Julius Hermosura

Months ago, I have been tasked to develop an iPhone App version for one of our website which is This iPhone project is entirely new to me, so i did the necessary research on how to get it done.

Curious what pHing is all about? – It is an online classified site who’s main service is to engage people in the community to buy & sell their products, share various information and even to seek help/advise from others. It has been around since August 2005, and til now, more and more users are still engaged on using the website. Following it’s success online and also to continuously cater to the community’s updating needs, we’ve thought of creating pHing’s mobile version, that is i-pHing: pHing on iPhone.

While on the process of submission of i-pHing app on the App Store (which is also my first time submitting an app.), I’ve carefully followed all the rules and read Apple’s “Prepare for App Submission” guideline, which I think is the basic thing to do. And just like everyone else, I also have my share of  iPhone app rejection.

One thing I’ve learned to avoid App rejection is to never let your App crash.

Here are some of my learning’s to avoid App crashes:

  1. Testing the App on the actual intended device. While the iPhone SDK provides developers the convenience of iPhone simulator, don’t rely much on this simulator. Like in my experience, the app is intended for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch, but I only tested the app on iPhone 3G device which I thought went well. And then suddenly a rejection feedback came indicating that they encountered an error in using the iPhone 3GS device.
  2. Be weary of memory leaks. Always respond on the memory warnings so you may catch the errors and free some memory to avoid crashes.
  3. Check internet connection. Since the i-pHing gets the data from the API on phing’s web server, it is necessary to check the connection before loading the view page. By then we can determine the problem and display it to the end-user as a pop-up message stating unable to connect or else, the app crashes.

Needless to say after all the encounters, I have done it and got my first iPhone app approval. Well, what else to say?  T’was really quite an experience.

Anyways, get hold of this i-pHing I am talking about, it’s available on the App Store. cheers!

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Try the i-Phing app out if you’ve an iPhone. Give Julius your feedbacks.

Hi, nice sharing there. Would you care to share where did you attend the course or did you learn online on your own?

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