What does Digital Marketing & Facebook Lead Ads have to do with Increased Productivity?

Jasmine Toh

“Productivity, productivity, productivity…”

This is the mantra that we hear almost every day.


The government is talking about it, the news is talking about it, your peers are talking about it… Duh, we all know it is important. Let me spare you the misery, I’m sure you have heard enough about why your business needs productivity

The burning question is what are the tangible things we can do? This blog post will teach, you step-by-step, how you can increase your productivity using Digital Marketing and Facebook Lead Ads.


I know, digital marketing and productivity aren’t commonly associated terms. But the truth is, these two can go hand in hand.

4 Ways Digital Marketing can Boost Productivity

Better Targeting

Digital marketing can target your audience based on demographics or psychographics. This means less wastage with better targeting by reaching out to the right audience who will be interested in your goods or services. Metaphorically, we can compare digital marketing and traditional marketing with fishing. In traditional marketing, a net is just randomly thrown into the sea of consumers and you may end up fishing more seaweed than salmon. In digital marketing, you will fish in areas that are highly populated with salmon so that you can ultimately fish the salmon. You have to be clear of your ideal customer because sometimes you want the seaweed and not the fish.

Pay For Prospects That Are Keen

Google and Facebook ad platforms charge based on cost-per-click. This means that if the prospect doesn’t click, you will not get charged. More bang for your buck! This is definitely a huge plus point to prioritise digital marketing over traditional advertising.

Measure Everything

The best thing about digital marketing is its ability to track from start to end. This way, you can be very prudent in your marketing and cut channels that do not contribute to bringing you quality leads. If you spend $100 on marketing, are you getting 3-4 times that of inquiries coming in? If the results are positive, you are on track for productivity gain.

Spend Less Time

It is not a myth if you have heard about how some internet entrepreneurs manage to earn a passive income once they achieve a stable state of marketing using digital marketing. The key is to get your digital marketing to this stable state, then you can spend more time to look at other parts of the business (product development, customer success etc.).

Convinced that digital marketing is the answer to your productivity woes? The next step is to actually start implementing it.

The First Step to Digital Marketing using Facebook Lead Ads

Most businesses start their digital marketing journey with Facebook and/or Google Search. If you are interested in learning about Google Search, you can check out this guide here. Based on our experience, most DIY customers find Facebook easier to use, so this blog post will focus on how you can use Facebook for effective marketing.

Marketing has to be able to generate business outcomes and should not be done just purely for branding sake. This is why Facebook lead ads are great.

With lead ads, prospects can sign up for what you’re offering, and you’ll gain their contact info so you can follow up with them. Upon clicking your lead ad or call to action button, prospects will see a form that’s pre-filled with information that they’ve shared with Facebook such as their name, number, or email. This makes your call to action very clear, which is important in leads generation.

At clickTRUE, our method is to start off with defining our target audience first. This allows for more specific targeting to a specific audience.

picture1Facebook ad targeting allows you to narrow your search by only reaching out to people most likely to be interested in your business. This means you can achieve better targeting with less wastage. Lead ads are also pay-per-click, which means that you are only paying for prospects that are keen.

Getting started with lead ads

Read this post by Facebook to ensure that you have everything required to get started with lead ads. 

If you need help, watch this video for a detailed step by step guide on how to start creating your Facebook lead ads.

Congratulations, you now know how to create a Facebook lead ad! Easy-peasy. Problem is, it is going to be easy for your competitors to set up their own Facebook lead ads as well. Your prospect’s newsfeed is already saturated with ads shouting for their attention. Now, you will learn how to create a high-converting lead ad that will stand out from the rest.

Here’s a simple checklist to create an effective Facebook lead ad:

#1 Stunning Visuals

The use of the two brand colours, yellow and cyan give the ad a very clean and visually appealing look.

#2 Focused value proposition

The value proposition has to be clear in the copy of your ad. In the above example, it tells their prospect that they can send you recipes, along with fresh ingredients so that you get to cook amazing meals every week.

#3 Specific audience targeting

Before creating your ad, you should already have a target audience in mind. The ad itself should then be curated with this target audience in mind. The Old Navy ad above is clearly made to target those who are interested in fitness by enticing them with sales on their activewear.

#4 Compelling call-to-action

To successfully gain traction for your business, a clear call to action is crucial. Do you want your prospects to shop at your online store? Do you want them to leave an inquiry or participate in your giveaway? There are numerous call to action, so you need to be clear on what you want to achieve from your ads.

Do note that there is a specific order of priority here, the first thing that will catch the user’s attention is the image. Once you got their interest, they will read the copy to find more about your offer. They will then try to identify the call to action before finally click on your ad.

There are other things that you can incorporate to your Facebook ad to make it more effective. But at the very least, your Facebook ad should have the abovementioned characteristics.

How do you make sense of your Facebook advertising data?

You can see your leads and cost-per-lead data in your reports. You can download your leads either from the Results column in your reports or from the Forms Library on your Page. Find out more about how to retrieve your leads here.

To put it in layman terms, you want to know much you spend vis-a-vis your sales and leads (which is how much you get back). Marketing is a function of your revenue. If you invest x dollars into marketing and earn 3 times the amount in terms of revenue, you are on track to positive ROI and productivity

Convinced That Digital Marketing Can Be Your Next Productivity Gain?

Now that you have set up your Facebook lead ads, here’s a bonus tip for the more adventurous.

Facebook lead ads are actually a miniature representation of what clickTRUE can do. If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, we can help you design an optimised landing page to improve your conversion rates and get more leads (without spending more marketing dollars!) This is essentially what clickTRUE’s Lead Generation Services can provide for your business.


If you want to learn more about getting sales leads or if you need help implementing Facebook Lead ads, contact us and we will come swooping to your rescue.

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