clickTRUE Expands Into South East Asia

Jereme Wong

clickTRUE announced today further expansion into Southeast Asia with the opening of offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand.

clickTRUE, an online consulting firm specialising in Search and Conversion strategies to help brand owners strategise, design and build captivating experiences for the Web, recently inaugurated new offices in Malaysia and Thailand, as part of an ongoing regional growth strategy.

The offices are dedicated to providing the full range of online marketing solutions currently available in Singapore. clickTRUE’s increased investment in Southeast Asia is a recognition of its enormous potential growth.

Jackie Lee, CEO of clickTRUE commented, “Our continued expansion in the Southeast Asia region and the opening of our new offices in Malaysia and Thailand are highly strategic. We want to position well to capture these markets when they are still growing.”

Currently, Malaysians aged 20-24 are spending more time on the internet and usage reached 41% in 2010 compared to 25% a year ago according to the latest findings of Nielsen Mobile Insights conducted across the nation. This has fueled an increased demand for internet advertising, growing at a rapid rate of 29% year on year, particularly in areas such as Adwords advertising on Google and client engagement on social media.

The same trend is also observed in Thailand, with an increase of 30% growth of up to 1.9 billion baht in advertising expenditure year on year.

The respective teams in Malaysia and Thailand will be meeting present day-to-day demands for clients, develop culture specific solutions and grow the clientele actively.

Jackie Lee, CEO of clickTRUE also added, “The prospects of this industry look bullish ahead and this is an exciting time for us in the digital industry. With the bigger brands like Google and Facebook coming to Asia to focus on these key markets, there will be an increasing demand for solutions and consultancy work in the Search, Analytics and Social space.”

“clickTRUE, being the first Google Analytics Certified Partner in these markets will give brand owners a convenient local touch-point to enjoy our professional and dependable services.”

For more information, please contact:
Jackie Lee
Chief Executive Officer
clickTRUE Pte Ltd
Tel: 6571 7100

Jereme Wong
Chief Operating Officer
clickTRUE Pte Ltd
Tel: 6571 7100

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