7 Great Google AdWords Lessons You Should Learn from Your Dog

Wei Lik

Good Google AdWords tips can come from the most unexpected sources; even from our furry four legged friend. Have you ever observed your dog’s behavior? If your dog could talk, he/she would have you learn the following 7 great lessons in managing Google AdWords campaign.

Lesson 1: Clear Call to Actions

Google AdWords: Clear Call To Action

Clear Call to Action

If a dog wants the sausage you are eating, he will come to you wagging his tail, staring at the sausage and letting you know exactly what he wants. The same goes for your marketing message. Your call to action must be short, clear and concise.

If the objective is to promote your free e-book, try to avoid generic call to actions such as “click here” and “learn more” that do not describe the action you’re requesting. “Free e-book Download” may sounds more compelling and attractive in this case.

Lesson 2: Focus On a Single Goal

Google AdWords: Focus on a Single Goal

Don’t Be Greedy!

Stop being greedy by optimising your Google AdWords campaigns for so many goals. If the objective is to lower down cost per lead, you shouldn’t bother too much about other metrics such as click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). Try to optimise for a hundred things and you’ll accomplish next to nothing!

Lesson 3: Be Adventurous & Keep Your Options Open

Google AdWords: Be Adventurous & Keep Your Options Open

Be Adventurous!

In Google AdWords Search Campaign, it is good to be adventurous by starting off your campaign with broad match keywords and narrow it down subsequently. Try not to limit your opportunities by using phrase & exact match targeting in the beginning as you may run the risk of missing out profitable keyword ideas that have low competition.

Lesson 4: Persevere

Google AdWords: Persevere

Perseverance Generally Pays! (If You Are Doing It The Right Way Of Course)

Running a Google AdWords campaign can be daunting at first especially when you are new to the platform. Even when faced with what seems like an insurmountable challenge, please do not despair and keep working hard towards your goal.

Perseverance and persistence generally pays! (If you are doing it the right way of course). Get an expert to help you if you are unsure how to handle the campaign.

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Lesson 5: Relish the Chance to Rest

Google AdWords: Relish the Chance to Rest

Don’t Be A Workaholic!

Don’t be a workaholic and optimise your Google AdWords campaign 24/7. Any changes that you make should be based upon significant data or you could end up going round in circles. Ideally, each change should have 7 days running so that more data can be collected for better decision making.

Lesson 6: Test, Learn & Repeat

Google AdWords: Test, Learn & Repeat

If You Want To Be On Top Of Your Game, Keep Learning!

Once you stop learning, you start dying. So step out of your comfort zone and start testing out different aspect of your campaign such as ad copies, keyword match type, bidding and so on.

Once you have a winner, get rid of the loser and repeat the whole process again. You will be benefited with new insights and fresh ideas previously unknown. If you want to be on top of your game, keep learning.

Lesson 7: Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

Google AdWords: Don't Ignore Mobile Users

Mobile Is The Way To Go!

According to a research done by Global Web Index, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and 75% of them are accessing mobile internet services on their smartphones. This indicates a massive opportunity for businesses to incorporate mobile targeting into their SEM strategy. Coupling this with a mobile responsive site, it could improve your entire SEM campaign performance.


Good advice & inspiration can come from anywhere. So please always be open and willing to listen to the views around you. You may come across some useful pointers or ideas to help you succeed.

Finally, should you find yourself struggling to monetize your Google AdWords or PPC campaign, do call or email us. Our friendly marketing consultants are willing to listen to your pain and they will offer you tips and ideas to help you grow your business online.

If you are not already aware, clickTRUE specialises in Leads Generation Consultancy. Learn how we could work with you here. Check out our approach and if you like what you see, send us an enquiry or just comment on this post!
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