A Football Fanatic’s Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing Like An Expert

Navigating the digital landscape as a business owner can be daunting. Search engines and social media platforms are constantly throwing up new guidelines and advertising targeting options. Throw in all the fuss about acronyms such as SEO, SEM, CPC, CTR, and a migraine seems to hit you.

Well, fret not. Rather than have you delve through the barrage of information that is out there; we’ll use the beautiful game of football to show you what digital marketing is all about, and what you’ll need to get leads online.

2 different ball games, 2 different time frames


SEO: Search Engine Optimisation


This is the process of improving the visibility of the website so that it ranks higher on a search engine’s natural search results. Basically, it’s about making your website friendly to search engines.

Everyone wants their website to rank higher as it brings in free traffic. However, it takes time (even years) for SEO efforts to show.

Think about SEO efforts like training young soccer talents. It’s hard to tell whether your efforts (E.g. adding meaningful / relevant content to your website, ensuring web pages are indexed properly) will pay off and produce a website that ranks high on Google’s search results.



SEM: Search Engine Marketing

CT adThis refers to paid ads which often show up alongside a search engine’s natural search results. Google and Yahoo Bing are some search engines which offer paid advertising.

SEM allows business owners to fast track their marketing efforts by introducing your services to customers. It’s somewhat like buying a star player whom you think will get you the results you desire. But if it’s leads, sign-ups or purchases that you desire, SEM is just the first step to putting the ball into the net.

Just like how a star player needs to learn how to play with the team he’s transferred to; your ad needs to compliment what you are selling on your webpage.


Search Engine Marketing Advertising:
Improving possession and going on the offensive


Many clients love to chase leads. They have a bunch of sales figures in mind and think that simply increasing the number of visitors to their webpage will improve the number of potential sales.

Yea sure, we want to help you score big too. But it’s hard to do so when your players are having trouble penetrating the defense and the ball is forever stuck in the mid field.

If you don’t know it yet, here’s the shocking truth: Buying SEM ads simply improves your possession of the ball (i.e. your visitor’s attention), it doesn’t improve the chances you get at a goal. The webpage that you send visitors to, actually plays a more important role in converting these visitors into leads for you.


Quality score (Google):
Measure of fouls you might be committing

SCrop According to Google, “Your keyword’s quality score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Higher quality scores typically lead to lower costs and better ad positions.”

A low quality score means you’ve been yellow carded. Perhaps your keyword or ad doesn’t gel with the page that you’re sending customers to. So Beware! In time, your ad might not even show up on google’s search results, no matter how much money you’re willing to fork out for each click (cost per click, aka CPC).

This is why it takes more than SEM ads alone to run a successful online campaign. The webpage that you send visitors to, is equally important to securing leads.


Landing Page (Web page to secure leads):
The offense that nets you the goals


It’s hard to score a goal without an ace striker (your landing page) that puts the ball into the goal. Just like the precision that’s required to put the ball in, a landing page is targeted in its message; be it to get users to sign up for a package or leave an email for a follow-up consultation.

4 Essential Components of a Landing Page:
  • Value Proposition (your sales pitch and promotion)
  • Persuasive Copywriting
  • Responsive Webpage Design (optimised for mobile and desktop)
  • Customer relationship management system to automate the collection of leads
    (All leads submissions are immediately sent to your email for you to follow up.)


Digital Marketing Strategy:
The formation that accentuates your strengths


With so many ways to allocate your media budget and target your ads (be it on Google, Facebook or Youtube), a well-thought-out marketing strategy is important to maximize your limited media budget to deliver the maximum leads within a period of time.

Anticipating how the market responds to your ad and marketing promotions, can go a long way to saving you time, money and effort spent to making your digital campaign successful. Just like how some football formations can either cripple or allow key strikers to shine.

Digital Marketing ain’t a beautiful game of chance


While football depends on the luck of the draw at times, digital marketing isn’t a game of chance where you hope that your online campaign resonates with the online audience.

Rather, optimising an online campaign is the science of making continuous improvements to improve leads. By tracking how well people respond to your online campaign, you can make sure that your campaign gets more hits and fewer misses.

While you can run an online campaign on your own, DIY campaigns that are not done well are just like playing a football match while being down to 10 men; you have a higher chance of losing to the competition.

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photo credit: Snoopy says… OUT!! via photopin (license)



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