B2B Marketing: 5-Steps To Supercharge Your Online Campaign For Leads


Digital marketing for the B2B (business-to-business) landscape can appear challenging and daunting to most. Depending on the industry that they are in, most marketers often find their campaigns facing low search traffic (as low as 10 searches per keyword per month), high cost per click (cpc) and difficulty in reaching the right customers.

And the difficulty of such online campaigns increases with the complexity of the product and the diminishing size of its unique customer base.

Imagine trying to sell complex mechanical marine parts online. Not only would you have to bid on keywords related to the model numbers of your parts, but there is also a high chance that you might get clicks from users searching for mechanical parts from other industries. E.g. cars or trucks.
Often, what is required is a strategic marketing plan that allows you to stretch your budget while you explore the right online channels to reach your customers. While a customised approach works best, here are 5 steps you can take to improve your leads online.

1. Make Your Landing Page Stand Out From The Competition

  • Are you able to convey what it is you are selling in a clear and concise manner?
  • Are you able to differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • Are you able to justify the cost of the product with what you are offering?
  • Is all the relevant information available on the page that you are sending your clients to? E.g. Your depth of expertise, credibility, quality assurance, awards, and what customers can expect from you.
  • Is there a call-to-action on the page that gets your customers to leave an enquiry?

Empowering your customers with the right information can help them derive at a decision sooner rather than later. Anticipating what they need and presenting how you can help your clients to solve their problems will also help you score more brownie points!

2. Stop Throwing Money Down The Drain With Website Placements That Fail To Bring You The Right Traffic

Comparing paid traffic data from different websites can help you determine which websites are more relevant to your business as compared to others. Google analytics is a great tool that captures this data. It collects data that shows how website visitors interact with your page and whether they translate into leads.

3. Don’t Get Stuck In The Rut. Explore Targeting Other Channels Or Countries
Aside from running search campaigns in the country you reside in, you could also explore running search campaigns in other countries that you have had clients from. Just as search demand differs for each keyword, it also differs for each country that your campaign targets.

Alternatively, you could also consider running campaigns on Linkedin and Facebook. Both channels allow you to target users from various industries and interest groups. Uncovering the targeting that reaches out to like-minded clients can mean the difference between wasting more money on online advertising or winning more leads for your business.

Thus, it is always important to track whether your online ads actually contribute to enquiries or leads.

4. Opt For Quick Wins Online To Improve Your Leads

Understand the kind of visitors who tend to click on your ad. Are they the kind of visitors that you hope to attract?

Google’s search terms report can help to shed some light on whether you are getting clicks from people who actually desire your product. Suppose you’re selling marine parts; you certainly do not want your ad to be appearing to someone who is searching for car parts.

Knowing which products are popular, as compared to others, can also help you decide which products / solutions you should promote in the future.

It is often better to market one good product and focus on optimising your online campaign to improve leads, as opposed to marketing several product lines on the same page.

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, it pays to focus on that small subset of buyers who actually determine whether you have that year-end bonus.

​5. Find Out Whether Customers Think That Your Content Sucks

A high bounce rate (% of visitors who left your page without interacting with it) from visits from your display campaign could indicate that there might be a disconnect between what your ad says and what is on your landing page (the page where you drive your visitors to). If so, it might be time to review the content on your ad and web page.


Oracle bids on the keyword “HR Software”. Their ad occupies the top ad position on Google’s search results.

Clicking on this ad drives visitors to:

Much of the content on this page focuses on the importance of a HR management software and how this is key to creating real value to a business.

However, visitors looking for HR software solutions would probably be aware of this. Hence, they would most likely be more interested in obtaining information about a HR solution. A better landing page for this keyword and ad would probably be a page that provides visitors with the information that they are searching for.


It is important to note that a page that resides on a website isn’t always the best page to drive traffic to. A webpage seeks to inform. A landing page seeks to convert your visitors into customers. A better solution would be to create a page that is specifically created to receive traffic from your online tactical campaign.

Tip: The less clicks a user takes to reach their destination, the more likely they are to complete the action that you desire them to perform.

No Risk, No Reward

The beauty of digital marketing for B2B providers is that it is available 24/7, for whichever market you desire. While it’s never easy to take the plunge, the rewards can be well-worth the effort. Just ask our client who achieved sales worth S$15,780 in just 2 weeks!

Want to learn more? Send us an enquiry to jump start your journey towards more leads today!

photo credit: Toyoko Norurun mascot shopping campaign via photopin (license)

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