Gear Up For Your Christmas Online Search Campaign

Shuxian Huang

It’s the time of the year when everyone rushes for Christmas shopping, buys gifts and looks for the best deals online. So as marketers, how can you take advantage of the general festive and buying mood for the benefit of your online campaigns?


1) Keyword research

Increase your keyword list with terms that will be commonly searched during this period.  Make use of your available keyword tools or trend tools to have a rough gauge of the popularity of the keywords that you are considering. Think from your consumer’s point of view. Query suggestions from search engines could provide such insights. With a concern that you might end up paying too much for popular keywords, try using long tailed keywords that are less competitive .

2) Structure your campaigns and ad groups

Build up a new campaign structure to incorporate the Christmas key elements in your ad groups. Break down your ad groups and make sure the keywords are grouped tightly around a common topic for each ad group (eg. having different adgroups for xmas terms, holiday terms, sales items terms… ).

3) Creative Adtexts

“Why should I be looking at your website?” will be the top question from potential customers. Craft ad texts that brings out the uniqueness of your products/deals you are able to offer during the Christmas season.

4) Customised landing page

After attracting targeted traffic to your website through your ads, the next sensible thing to do is to “decorate” your website for the season! Do not disappoint your potential customers with poor landing pages that do not fit into the festive theme. Take some time and effort to implement substantial changes to justify your special season campaign.

With Christmas just about 2 weeks away, this could be the best time for your campaign to roll out to take advantage of the peak period!

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