Have You Tried The Yahoo Advanced Match Type?

Shuxian Huang

It has been about 2 months since Yahoo! officially introduced their Advanced Keyword Match Feature for South East Asia Search Engine Marketing advertisers. Now, the next question you may have would be – how this new feature could help me in my keyword management?

One main disadvantage of advertising in Yahoo is that you are restricted to using exact matches to cater for singular/plural variations and common misspelling keywords – Yahoo calls it their Standard Match Type. This is unlike Google, in which you are allowed to select keywords using 3 different keyword match types (broad, phrase and exact). Yahoo’s standard keyword match type greatly reduces the exposure of your ads on their search engine in comparison to Google’s more robust AdWords platform (this would be rather evident from the budget expenditure and results reporting from accounts that I have ran with Yahoo). In addition, it is more time consuming to create variations of related sentences or phrases for keyword targeting.

With the new advanced keyword match feature, I see Yahoo aiming to eliminate the above mentioned inefficiencies in their system.  See below table for some of the differences in the match types: For more about:  Online Marketing

Yahoo Match Table

Besides the introduction of this new feature, they have also suggested the use of advanced match type with excluded words. For users familiar with the Google AdWords platform, this feature is equivalent to the Negatives Keywords type. There is a drawback though.  Yahoo sets a limitation of only allowing up to 250 excluded words at both the account and ad group levels. I foresee some problems for regional campaigns whereby massive number of keywords have to be considered and the excluded keywords limit would be a major obstacle in optimising the campaign.

I welcome this feature but I note that there seems to be some ambiguity on the actual mechanics of Yahoo’s Advanced match type – the expanded keyword list can range from being very narrow to very broad. But one thing for certain, with advanced matching, your advertising expenditure with Yahoo will definitely increase! (Note: Default setting on Yahoo account is set as advanced match)

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Also I want a list of *all* the actual phrases where Yahoo is showing my ad where the ad was *not* clicked through, ie. to determine what the negative keywords should be and stop unknown related searches affecting my click through rate… can see the phrases for everything that IS clicked on of course with standard analytics.

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