Is Targeting Mobile Devices Really That Effective?

Eunice Khoo

I believe many of AdWords practitioners out there are familiar with this AdWords interface shown below. The Device platform is a campaign setting feature that allows us to target our text and image ads either to desktop, laptops and smart mobile devices that use full (HTML) browsers.

Network & Devices Dashboard

Recently, I was working on a campaign that requires both sign-ups and payment on the website.  As a start, we will set up the Search and Content network settings and frequently than not, we will choose “All available devices” as our default. However, we may want to re-look into our available options.

Into Google Analytics

Taking the 2nd highest visits of the campaign, the iPhone drove 6.08% out of the total traffic. Even though, the data reflected does not show significant contribution in comparison to the AdWords campaign. The data will be useful in telling us whether we should employ “All available devices” as default in all our campaigns.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Going deeper, we can deduce that the bounce rate is very high and users tend to stay less than 27 seconds on the website.  In other words, visitors that surf the internet online might be audiences that are browsing for information.  For a campaign that requires a direct response, targeting mobile devices might not be as effective.

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