New Enhancement Features For Yahoo Search Campaigns

Shuxian Huang

We are finally seeing some comparable improvement features to Google for Yahoo! Search Marketing for the New Year! As announced earlier in the month, Yahoo released 2 major enhancements for their search advertising platform namely Network Distribution and Import Campaigns.

Network Distribution

This new features allows advertisers to have control over bid adjustments within Yahoo and its partners’ sites (such as WebMD,, CNBC and CitySearch) on either the campaign level or the ad group level with past data performance shown for you to assess the feasibility for increasing or decreasing bids where necessary.  With the splitting up of networks you can target in Yahoo, it enables advertisers to better measure and allocate budget for the best ad distribution channel within Yahoo entire network.

[Note: This feature is not available for Yahoo SEA advertisers at this point in time]

Import Campaigns

Another important feature introduced would be the enhanced tool for importing third party campaigns, particularly from Google’s AdWords platform. Importing campaign data is eased with one step by just simply uploading the saved campaign data file from your computer into Yahoo Search Marketing control interface. Alternatively, one can also download the formatted template for Yahoo and create the campaign details accordingly.  An import history is created once your file has been successfully imported and you can easily view the summary to check for any errors in the imported campaign file. You might want to check out the assumptions made for the conversions of files for troubleshooting here.

Yahoo - Import campaigns

I am personally excited as this has been the “longest wait ever” for the improvement in the importing of Google Adwords campaigns into Yahoo campaigns. It has always been a drag to import the campaign files into Yahoo with the hassle to name the converted campaign files to the “never-ending errors but not sure where is it coming from” process. I have tried the new import feature and it works so much faster as compared previously. There is currently only one error encountered  so far,  whereby the file doesn’t convert the ad copy over when there are dynamic insertions from Google’s ad copy, you would have to edit the campaign file manually for Yahoo’s system.  It is great to see Yahoo improvising the experience for its existing search advertisers and sharing the improvements for competitors’ search advertisers interested in trying out Yahoo!

P.S. In case you are feeling lazy and do not feel like reading chunks of words. Check out the Yahoo Video below, which more or less summarized it all.

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