Performance Marketing – The Right Approach To SEM

Jeff Shi

Part of the fun of my job involves taking some time to read up on resources, whether books or online articles, regarding search engine marketing and online advertising in general. I recently stumbled on this article relating to performance marketing, a new term coined by Search Engine Watch. It’s a pretty funny read with some interesting take-aways. In a way, performance marketing perfectly describes how clickTRUE handles our search engine marketing campaigns. 🙂

The article describes that companies and ad agencies should not just focus on search engine marketing, i.e. focusing on gathering clicks for a website, but should go deeper and aim for “performance marketing” – meaning “monitoring across a variety of channels, measuring ad views, clicks, page views, conversions, sales, phone calls, and having the ability to optimize your marketing mix based on hard evidence of each campaign’s contribution to the overall results.”

This means that instead of focusing on the number of clicks which a SEM agency can bring to you at a lower cost, you should focus on asking about the leads and relevant visitors that your advertising efforts can achieve.

Performance marketing is definitely a process that requires a lot of time and effort, both for the SEM agency as well as the client.. However, the returns in implementing this are far greater then simply monitoring a campaign for traffic and clicks. By monitoring all avenues in our advertising, we are able to understand which of your advertising efforts are bringing you concrete results towards increasing your leads and potential sales.

How exactly to implement performance marketing? By making use of web tracking, such as google analytics, you can keep track of the performance of the keywords and ad texts of your campaign to view how to users behave once they have clicked on your ad and entered your site. Information such as duration of stay and number of pages viewed would be useful in allowing you to understand your advertising campaign’s effectiveness.


What are your thoughts on performance marketing, and would you want to implement this for your SEM campaigns? Feel free to contact us 😉

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