Search Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Cassandra Aw

In anticipation of our soon-to-be-launched email marketing service, today's post is dedicated to Email Marketing, and how it differs from Search Marketing

Briefly, Search Marketing ensures that your website appears on search engine results every time customers search for a product or service you offer on, for example, Google or Yahoo!, while Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a medium of communication.

1) Push vs. Pull Strategy

In search marketing, there is consumer demand for a product, and thus consumers are actively looking up on – or even looking for the product on search engines. Email marketing differs in that promotional messages are pushed to the consumer, who is a passive receiver of this content.

2) Leveraging on Different Advantages

Having a personal point of contact is extremely valuable to a marketer, and in the case of email marketing, this is inherently present in the form of your prospects' email. People usually will pay close attention to the emails they receive because direct communication is present.

In contrast, search marketing leverages on an already present demand for your firm's product or service. Consumers are interested in purchasing it – or are at least, thinking about purchasing it when they go to a search engine and log a relevant search. By engaging in search marketing to bring your website to a top ranking, you are essentially encouraging a significant group of already interested consumers to visit your website.

3) Different Kinds of Investments

For search marketing to work, you will need to brainstorm and research for keywords, and strategically place them on your website in order to boost your rankings in search engine results. Quality content also has to be available such that people will choose to link to your site on their own accord. Your link popularity will in turn influence your ranking.

Meanwhile email marketing relies on the careful maintenance and cleaning of a relevant, quality database to work, whether you build this up yourself from scratch, or rent it from a third party source. A good database will help you acquire new customers and build brand loyalty. On the flip side, if no effort is put into maintaining your database, you will simply end up spamming uninterested consumers.

4) Both Are Easily Measurable

Search marketing is easily measurable with analytics and conversion tracking. Similarly the success of email marketing can be assessed through click-through ratess, recipient engagement, e-mail forwards, et cetera. This allows you to track your ROI accurately and ensure that your marketing dollars have been well spent.

Which one should I choose?

To make a decision about this, you'll need to ask yourself these questions.

  • Has your company been around for long?
  • Are the products and services you offer well-known to the public?
  • Is the nature of your product such that people make the effort to research on it before purchasing?

If you answered ‘No’ the above questions, email marketing may be a more preferable option for you, as you can literally push your offerings to your customer – or in this case, into their inbox, filling them in on information about your product that they would otherwise not know about.

However, if your business has already invested heavily in advertising to promote your brand, consumer demand for your product may already be high enough for your firm to reap a fruitful reward from a search marketing strategy.

At clickTRUE, however, we encourage our clients to look at search marketing and email marketing not as separate strategies, but as techniques that can be incorporated into a single holistic campaign. For example:

  • Search marketing can be used to drive up visitor rates to a particular email opt-in page.
  • Email newsletters can be optimised for sharing through social networks to take advantage of search engines' propensity to turn up social media content in their results.
  • Search and email marketing can be integrated with web analytics to help you identify the search keywords driving traffic to your landing pages. You can then edit your email content accordingly to optimise it for conversion.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities of search and email marketing are endless. Have you heard of any companies who have successfully integrated these two services to successfully promote their business? Do tell us about it by leaving us a comment! 

And, to find out more about our Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing Services, do feel free to get in touch with us for more details.

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