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Looking great seems to be a necessity these days; especially when we live in a world of selfies, where every moment is captured and stored. It was reported that more than 95% of Singaporeans spend more than $25 on beauty treatments each month, while Singapore’s spa industry is reported to be valued at $140 million a year.

Given the burgeoning potential of sales, how then should businesses in the beauty industry stand out from the competition?

1. Focus on a targeted online marketing campaign.

Having worked on many online campaigns for clients ranging from facial services to hair care, our clients often have only one thing in mind; to reach as many people as possible, hoping that this will translate into more sales.

This often comes about due to their experience with traditional print advertising. However, we often highlight that what they really should be focusing on is running a targeted online marketing campaign.

This is crucial since competition in the beauty industry is intense and running online campaigns can be costly, if they are not executed well. Assuming you sell facial services and you wish to drive 500 visitors to your website, this will cost you at least $1,000 on Google Search!


Cost per click (CPC) on Google Search


$2 – $5

Hair Loss

$7 – $11

Case Study:

Suppose you offer spa services and 1 out of 10 men and 3 out of 10 women purchase your services. Spending more of your online media budget on women will most likely increase the no. of leads you get.

Ad Budget Allocation

Potential leads

(Assuming each lead costs $10)

Typical online marketing campaign

$100 Men, $100 Women

1 from men.

3 from women.

Total Leads: 4.

Targeted online marketing campaign

$200 Women

6 from women.

Total Leads: 6

Running a targeted online marketing campaign helps to control escalating ad costs and ensures that you spend less on people who are less interested in your product. This is why many of our clients have managed to get leads from Facebook, despite the intensifying online ad landscape.

And tracking the kind of leads you get from each online campaign can help to shed light on the next marketing steps you can take to further monetize your campaign.

2.Think about what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign.

Sure, it’s easy to buy clicks to bring visitors to your website. Now that you’ve brought visitors to your website, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to sign up for a trial session or download a discount coupon?
Given how easy it is for anyone to visit one page and jump to the next, it is extremely important that we give all potential customers a reason to stay on our webpage.

Your ad should also gel with the message on the webpage that you are sending customers to. Ever clicked on an ad that sent you to a homepage? Remember how frustrating it was when the information on the ad was no where to be seen?
What’s more, running a campaign that generates consumer awareness of your brand is different from one that generates leads for you to follow up on.

MNCs have the funds to engage customers with 360° coverage, which includes ads on websites, facebook and youtube. For SMEs, the best strategy is really about getting leads rather than spend more money on marketing that may not translate into sales.

With a leads campaign, you can encourage users to leave their contact details so you can update them on upcoming promotions. This way, you get to grow your list of potential customers. Even if these customers are not ready to take up a package, you can still reach out to them with future promotions.

3. Be specific about what you are selling.

With so many beauty related ads online, how do you differentiate your services in the crowded ad space? From our experience, it’s often best to be as specific as possible and let your customers know exactly what you offer. E.g. price of the trial package, free gifts, what your treatment can do, and the benefits of undergoing this treatment.

This manages customer expectations and helps to lower buyer resistance to a purchase. After all, the better informed a customer is, the more empowered they will feel to making a purchase.

How you word and package your services can also make or break the success of your campaign. A vaguely worded description on the kind of treatment you offer, can diminish consumer confidence in your services. After all, consumers who can afford such services are likely to be discerning about the kind of services they are willing to pay for.

4. Cultivate trust and credibility.

Once customers understand what you can offer, it is important to seal the deal by convincing them that you are the best company to go to for this service. Testimonials by celebrities or other customers can help to validate the services you offer. You can also add credibility to these testimonials by adding pictures of existing customers or even video testimonials.

5. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Do you know that 40% of online traffic tends to be from mobile users? Since flash-based websites are not supported by mobile, it is best to avoid using them for any online marketing campaign.

Given the plethora of mobile devices and tablets, which come in various screen sizes, a mobile responsive website is key to ensure that your message is easily seen and read by your customers. These websites automatically adjust their content to best fit each device, so your customers can easily find the information that they’re looking for.

The last thing you want for your online campaign is a bad website that drives away visitors, wasting the money you spend on clicks. Sending visitors to an image of your print brochure is also another big no-no!

Do you want to translate your marketing efforts into quality leads and sales? Sign up for a free consultation today and let our consultants review your online marketing campaign.


photo credit: Artist in doing nothing, chooyutshing, Mr. Wright, poperotico via photopin

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