5 Easy Tips To SEO Your Singapore Business

Gino Carpio

Does your business only cater to local customers or Singaporeans? If yes, it’s really important to make your website SEO’d on a local search. Optimising your website for a “local search” is a good way because there is less competition and you can tweak some strategies easily.

Just follow these online marketing tips for local search, and soon you will see some improvements in your business:

1. Tailored local based keywords
Google keyword tool has a feature that retrieve keywords that a certain region or country uses. Using good keywords is the most basic tactic for SEO  and is the #1 rule in SEO. For example, to localise a keyword, instead of optimising “japanese restaurant”, you should use “singapore japanese restaurants” or “japanese restaurants in singapore”. Aside from increasing your chances of ranking locally, this  also effectively reduces irrelevant traffic from visitors in other cities that you don’t service.

2. Use a webmaster tool
Google webmaster tool has a good feature known as the “Geographic target”. This allows you to target users in a particular location if your site doesn’t use a country specific domain.

3. Google Maps
Create a Google Maps account. After verification, give Google some time to update your listing. Typically, the update takes from an hour to  several days. Using Google Maps, you’ll also have the opportunity to list relevant local keywords you wish to rank for. You may list them in up to five categories.  Visit Google Maps for access to this feature. 

4. Build links locally
You can do this by looking for a local online directory such as street directory. Using online directories can improve your online presence and gain you more back-links. A quality back-link precedes the mere quantity of link building.

5. Local Online Networks
Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms can help your business strengthen its online visibility. You can do this by being active on the message boards, sharing ideas and giving good opinions. This will help build your reputation and engage potential customers to your products or services.

By following these easy and simple steps, you will surely be climbing your way to the Google charts. If have anything else to add to these tips, please do share your secrets in the comments section below, and do get in touch with us if you need help with your SEO!

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