Google Chrome Extensions For SEO Practitioners

Gino Carpio

Since my career in SEO  started, Firefox has been my weapon, enabling me to do my job efficiently  Firefox add-ons make my job easier when checking data and analysing my SEO performance with its cool plugins or extensions but lately it has been giving my problems, and interrupts what I am doing. As such, I began exploring alternatives, and started utilising Google Chrome Extension’s Page, and now I really like them as well, because some of the important seo  plugins I use are also available on Chrome.

Below is my compiled list of  helpful Google Chrome Extensions for SEO that will surely make your life easier if you’re getting started on SEO efforts for your business and website.

1. PageRank

Chrome PageRank

As we all know,PageRank is one of the most important factors for Google Ranking, indicating how i PageRank has been available on  IE and Firefox icon for a long time. Now, you can also check PageRank using Google Chrome for Windows and Google Chromium for Mac [Chrome for developers].

Download and Install Here

2.Chrome SEO

Chrome SEO

An all in One SEO Tool, this extension will help you with your analysis among your competitors in keyword research, inbound link checking, indexed pages, current rankings aand other SEO tasks.

New Feature: Displays traffic graph. Also detects Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml

Download and Install Here

3. SEO Site Tool

Check on the Youtube below

It gives you information about on-page SEO elements, trust metric / numbering on Yahoo. This extension can also identify which links are “followed” and “no followed”. It also shows social media information and can be integrated with Google Analytics.

Download and Install Here

4. SEO Quake

Chrome SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a SEO extension for your Google Chrome which shows the following SEO parameters:

Google Index
Yahoo link
SEMRush Rank
No Follow Links
Alexa Ranks
Delicious Index
Whois Link

This extension is also good for checking what your competitors are doing.

Download and Install Here

5. Firebug

Chrome Firebug

Firebug is a tool for developers that allows you to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and javascript live in any web pages.

Download and Install Here:

6. IMG Inspector

Chrome IMG Inspector
This is an easy way to see your pictures in a lightbox-style viewer. Use this image to check your Image Alt Tags. Do take note that it only works with links to real images ( i.e. .jpg files) , not with links to pages with images.

Download and Install Here

7. Shareaholic

Chrome Shareaholic

This is an easy way to share your pages or link build on Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Buzz, Readers and Bookmarks. This is one of my favorite extensions and makes my job much easier.

Download and Install Here

Some of the tools I mention here might have similar features so choose whichever ones are friendlier to you. I hope these plugins will make your SEO job easier too!  You can also share your favorite extensions below.

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What were the firefox addons that helped you in the SEO..

Aaron Wall plugins help me do my SEO visit and also Rand Fishkin’s [] tool. I use roboform to ease my link building campaigns!

Excellent source of info and good set of Google Chrome SEO add-ons

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