Top SEO Questions I Always Encounter

Gino Carpio

In this post I’ve listed some Frequently Asked Questions I’ve encountered from clients & by contacts who are interested in SEO.
This FAQ will serve as a guide to them, including my parents who until now don’t understand what I am doing.

1. What is SEO? What does SEO stand for?

  • SEO is the Acronym for Search Engine Optimization
  • According to SEO experts, SEO is the process of publishing information in a manner that Search Engines like Google are better able to match your content that is relevant to search queries
  • My definition:  SEO is a process to ensure your website can be found by search engines so that you get more visitors.
  • Check out our relevant blog entries on Search Engine Optimisation

2. Why my website can’t be number 1 or on page 1 on Google?

  • Is your website in Flash, AJAX? These are web applications that Search Engine’s have a difficulty accessing.Check on your actual content. SEO’s consider content as “KING” and linking as “QUEEN” towards getting better rankings.

3. How can you measure your SEO success aside from checking Google Ranking?

4. How to Rank on

  • Bing is a new Search Engine under Microsoft. They might be new, but we should not underestimate there capabilities. Microsoft is really going all out to market their new Search Engine. Anyway, here are some SEO Tips for

5. Can you help us on Google’s Real Time Search?

  • Real Time Search are materials posted to Google without any delay, like Feeds, Statuses and others. clickTRUE can help you getting high quality traffic with Google’s Real Time Search. I posted some SEO Tips on our Blog Page for  SEO on Real Time Search

6. Does clickTRUE handle SEO Trainings or SEO Workshops in Singapore?

  • YES! And under one of clickTRUE’s training sessions we ensure that the participants get Interactive. At the end of each topic, time was set aside to enable their participants to apply what they had just learned. Learn more about what we can deliver on SEO Services here.

7. Why should I outsource my SEO?

  • SEO is a long process, as we all know. It is strongly advised to seek assistance from SEO Experts or SEO Company.

8. How can a Sitemap help me on my SEO Campaign?

9. Are you doing White Hat or Black hat SEO?

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Lee Choon Yau
March 24, 2010 2:25 pm

Excellent FAQ. Indeed it is that most think that SEO is a short term quick patch to lower down CPC SEM spend. SEO is an asset to the organization once establish will create a natural advantage over its competitors in the Search Engine platform. If the company is interested to do well online and have top of mind awareness online, SEO is a must. The next question probably will be should organizations outsource SEO or SEM or both if they view their online strategy in the longterm?

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