YouTube SEO: How To Do It?

Gino Carpio

YouTube is a really powerful channel that not only lets you present visuals that tell a story but complements your SEO strategy in helping to direct traffic to your website. Being the leading video sharing site to date, YouTube is your best bet when you want to search, discover, watch, upload and share videos. It is so popular that a lot of talents and stars have been discovered online – a result of the videos they upload of themselves on YouTube, for instance, Marie Digby and Zee Avi.

In fact, the numbers speak for themselves. In Britian alone, as of February 2010, 78.5 million viewers watched over 5.5 billion videos uploaded on YouTube

(Source: comScore Media Metrix).


Video SEO Tips

So the question here is, how do you get your video on YouTube to work for you?

To find your video on search engine listings, I am going to share with you some SEO tips that you can apply to your YouTube Videos.

1. Get the right User IDs and keywords

  • Make use of YouTube’s feature to customise your user ID. To help yourself get a good YouTube user I, try using the YouTube Keyword Tool.
  • The YouTube Keyword Tool is also a great tool for getting ideas on keywords. That way, you can put the necessary keywords in your title and description.

2. Optimise the video search algorithm


  • YouTube allows 120 characters on your title.
  • Be sure to include important keywords plus your brand name in your title
  • Using “How to” titles on your video is can strategically give you an edge and help your video go viral.


  • 5000 characters. Maybe you missed taking advantage of this feature. The fact that you can put a 5000-word description here is golden, because this means you can put an entire press release about your video there with all the key information and keywords in there and we say, go for it!
  • It also helps if you putting some good links (dont forget the http://) in your description.


  • 120 Characters. Be as detailed as possible. Include good keywords, location and brand name.

Video Dimension

  • YouTube allows 16:9 format, but I suggest you go for the 4:3 format. Why? Because thumbnails are optimised for 4:3

Other suggestions (Optional)

  • Have your contact details on your video. Somebody might be interested in what you have shown and may want to get in touch with you right away.
  • Place your URL on the Video.

3. Submission to Google (News)

  • One of the important steps in SEO is link building and one very important link building process for videos is the submission of your video to Google, especially since Google SERP now includes search results from YouTube, so be sure you do that. To make a submission, do it here.

Google News SERP

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a YouTube page and videos, get started on optimising them with the aforementioned tips. If you have any more suggestions that you’ve tried and worked, please do not hesitate to share it with us on the comment box!

Good luck!

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Video optimization has become more popular these days and as it is not too old way of optimizing website many people will like to read it.

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