10 Social Media Mistakes (Part 2)

Esther Yeap

And here comes the next instalment following the last entry, 10 Social Media Mistakes (Part 1).

  1. Playing Hide and Seek
    The Internet has profoundly transformed the way we interact and live. When we want to purchase something, we go online to do a search, and tap into power of Twitter and Facebook to read reviews of people who have previously purchased the product we want to buy. As such, it is critical to consider Search Engine Optimisation and social search when on social media. People need to be able to find you easily online.

  2. Fake Friending
    I’m sure you’ve experienced this on a personal level – getting brands requesting to add you as a friend on your Facebook account, or having strange people following you on Twitter. Now, ask yourself this: do you ever return to their page to check them out, see what they’ve been up to, or leave comments? Do you check out what they are tweeting about and retweet their tweets? Done anything that is seemingly indicative of your interest towards that brand? Probably not. Likewise, don’t go around doing that, please! That’s like social suicide. As in real life, it’s important to keep it real. Go find out who’s talking about you positively on social media, and try get on board instead. Coca-cola traced the people who had created fan pages on behalf of the Coca-cola brand (cos they love it that much!) and instead of shutting them down, made videos of why these people love Coke so much, and it went on a viral craze after. Create ambassadors for your brand. There is nothing like Word of Mouth advertising. Use it to your advantage.

  3. Not responding to negative (constructive) feedback
    Every now and then, you get negative feedback. It’s inevitable, but that also begs the question – what do you do in a situation like that? Well, you can argue against it. Or you can choose to delete it then pretend like it never existed. Or simply ignore it. Or you can see it as an opportunity to engage and even convert. Discuss, have a dialogue, be professional and firm, but don’t get defensive. It’s important to learn why that person does not like your brand, and then use that to improve.

  4. Blogging not!
    Blogs are an excellent way to generate new content. This ensures you will always have fresh information to share with your fans or followers! Blogs are also a great way to gain credibility as an expert in a particular industry you are in, and the best part is that unlike your website, it can be made more vibrant with opinions, comments, conversations and photos. Blogs are powerful, because people can find out about the real value of your product or service through your blog. With excellent content and the dominant sharing capabilities from other social media tools, it can bring about a loyal and strong following. The more you make yourself “sticky”, the better it is.

  5. Not measuring
    I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again. If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing. It may not be possible to calculate content itself, but you can measure how popular your content is in the number of retweets or shares or likes, so it’s a myth that social media cannot be calculated. There are many tools you can use to measure social media, be it web traffic or sentiment analysis! Start with concrete goals and bottom lines, and then work backwards to derive what is it that you need to measure.

And there you have it, 10 Social Media boo-boos. With all that said, don’t be afraid to fail. I know this conclusion is quite an irony,but social media’s just one of those things where there are no absolutes. You can get it right, or you may get it wrong, or you may well just be 70% right… but then you’re never completely certain most times, so don’t worry unduly. While you should be careful not to drive potential customers away or kill your brand, allow for room to make mistakes.

Believe me, you’re not the only person faltering and experimenting when it comes to social media! We all do and we learn from there. Better yet, learn from the mistakes of others, keep improving and becoming better! All the best!

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