8 Tips For Building A Great Facebook Page

Cassandra Aw

Having a Facebook page is an integral part of most companies' social media campaigns, and it's easy to see why. And if you aren't yet convinced about the wonders a Facebook page can do for your overall marketing strategy, just take a look at this article from Copyblogger.

But what makes people want to like your page? What encourages them to share it with their friends? In today's post we have compiled eight tips on how to build a great Facebook page for your business, so read on to find out how to elevate your run-of-the-mill Facebook page into one of your top traffic sources!

1) Know your objective

To build a good Facebook page, you need to start with a strategic plan. Give some thought as to how you want to map out your company's growth for the future. You don't want to leap onto the social media bandwagon just because everyone else is. Remember – your Facebook page shouldn't be added to your line of marketing efforts as an afterthought; it should complement what existing marketing campaigns you already have. For some helpful tips pertaining to this, do take a look at the following SlideShare presentation – slides 15 onwards are especially useful.

2) Familiarize self with Facebook guidelines

Facebook is getting a tad temperamental. Just last week, it took down Cadbury Bournville's page for two days when the company unknowingly flouted Facebook's guidelines. It goes without saying that such suspensions, when taking place on a platform as as public as Facebook's – can be pretty embarrassing. Beyond this, you also want to ensure you aren't alienated from Facebook's massive user database. To get a better idea of what we mean, just take a look at the figures below:

3) Have an awesome landing page

Since your landing page is going to be what your visitors first see when they visit your Facebook page, it makes sense that having a killer landing page will go a long way in garnering you more likes. Landing pages are for capturing leads, and for them to work, you should keep to this simple checklist:

  • Focus on what you want to promote
  • Make your call to action clear
  • Design should be distinctly 'you'
  • Keep the page free of clutter

Oh, and while you are at that, don't forget to set up a vanity URL too!

4) Show your fun side

Facebook is all about being inclusive; of breaking down the traditional barriers in pre-existing forms of media. It's what has driven echelons of consumers onto this medium. So go on, embrace this characteristic of Facebook and take advantage of all the tools Facebook provides you with! Use discussion boards to facilitate meaningful dialogue with your consumers. Engage them with videos. Show them pictures of your staff hard at work behind-the-scenes. The list goes on and on…

In short, treat your customers like individuals, and be prepared to engage in conversation with them. The standard "Thank you for your comment. We will take your feedback to mind…" approach just isn't going to cut it on Facebook.

5) Empower your customers

Encourage users to share their own experiences; get them to like your post; or even persuade them to share your content with their own friends. Such interactions require only a smidgen of your visitor's time but they go a long way into creating customer engagement. As opposed to simply passively absorbing content on your Facebook page, you giving them a chance at active participation. It creates a sense of empowerment in your target audience that can help enhance your customer relationships.

After all, no community can survive if there isn't any room for members to contribute their part in some way.

6) Share valuable content

If you find a great video or article online that is related to your product in some way, by all means – share it. The content you share doesn't necessary need to link back to your own company website. Not only does it add some variety to your Facebook wall, you are also enhancing the quality of your posts. Over time, fans and visitors alike will come to view your Facebook page as a credible resource for high-quality, meaningful content. You are establishing yourself as an authority, or an expert, in the field. Who knows, you might even get a few more "likes" that way!

7) Promote, promote, promote

Now is not the time to try to play it cool! To get your Facebook page up and running, you need a community to direct your communication efforts to. Be thick-skinned if you must, and encourage your readers to help share your page to others. Here are just some of the (many) ways you can promote your Facebook page: 

  • Invitations to people from your Facebook friends lists
  • Facebook Fan Box Widget
  • Link from your website
  • Email signature
  • Business card
  • Link from your blog sidebar
  • Other social media profiles

8) Provide a compelling reason

You need to provide your readers some form of incentive to like your page, be it in the form of exclusive discounts or freebies. A look at this graph might help shed some light on this:

There are numerous other tools, tips and tricks on setting up effective Facebook pages for your business, but these are some of the most significant ones that you should take note of. Do you have any useful tips to share? Do leave us a comment below! 🙂

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