Facebook Like – Can This New Social Media Plugin Get You More ‘Fans’?

Shi Ming

Ever since their inception, Facebook plugins have been a way for webmasters to draw from Facebook’s enormous socialgraph. With the recently added feature – Facebook Like (webwide version), you may even be able to create a loyal fan base (like those on a Facebook fan page) without having to direct visitors away from your site.

If you do not yet know what the webwide version of the Like button looks like, here’s a screenshot:
(you can also find an edited working example near the bottom of this page)

Facebook Like Button

As you can see, it is a fairly simple button that can easily be added to your site with just a few lines of code.

But before you plunge right into it, here are a few thoughts you may wish to consider.

1) Is Facebook Like Better Than A Regular Fan Page?

Although the Like feature offers an easy-to-implement plugin, boasting the ability to accumulate more ‘likes’ (as compared to the “Become A Fan” button’s ability to attract fans), one thing needs to be kept in mind – Engagement.

While the like button can be easily added to most websites, the ways in which you can interact with people who like your content are also very much limited. This is especially true if you are using the iframe version and have little idea on how to manipulate Facebook’s SDK in order to achieve the desired effects.

Here’s a screenshot of the effects of liking a page using the iframe plugin:

Facebook Like Effect

And that’s it. You wouldn’t be able to interact with or engage your ‘fan’ any more than that.

Thankfully, a more in-depth implementation of the plugin is possible. Using Facebook’s api to customize the Like plugin, you’ll then have the ability to converse and interact with people who like your content, thereby increasing engagement.

Coupled with a carefully thought-through campaign, Facebook Like does have the potential to become a new avenue for you to connect with your future customers – provided you know what you are doing.

2) Does Implementing The Like Button On Your Site Help To Bring In More Traffic?

Gaining thousands upon thousands of likes may help in boosting the ego, but do they actually increase the traffic to your site?

With more and more sites starting to implement the like buttons, not to mention the various like functions already available on Facebook, it is easy to get lost in all the noise and become completely ignored.

In fact, if it’s not properly implemented, many of the Facbook plugins may actually drive traffic away from your site instead of driving them in, making Facebook (instead of your business) the sole beneficiary of your efforts.

Therefore, it is vital to develop an effective marketing strategy instead of simply slapping on a few lines of code and hoping for the best.

3) What Is The Quality Of Traffic That You Receive? How Do You Convert Them?

Great. So all your marketing strategies are working and traffic is coming in by the truckload. Yet, conversion rates remain low, while sales figures continue to be stagnant.

Why is this happening?

Well, while this is a good problem to have (seeing how the majority of sites on the internet are struggling for traffic), it is also extremely important to know that traffic, without conversion, is like empty calories to our bodies – it fattens you up but gives you little nutrition.

The first step towards improving conversion then, is to recognize how social media traffic behaves. Seeing how most people who arrive through social media sites come through their friends’ recommendations (as compared to actively searching for your product), what you do to capture their attention and retain their interest becomes extremely important. This also implies that the way you structure your content and layout of your site can drastically affect the conversion rates and sales revenue it achieves.

Without optimizing for conversion, the extra traffic will only incur more bandwidth costs with little revenue to show for it.

All in all, the new Facebook Like feature offers you the ability to reach its network of over 400 million members directly from your site. What remains then, is how you actually go about implementing the right strategies in order to generate the best results from your efforts.

(For best results, your strategy should make full use of the different Social Media platforms instead of simply focusing on one aspect. Click here to find out how do develop an all-rounded Social Media Marketing Plan.)

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It might positively co-relate to higher “Likes” due to a wide audience and potentially viral effect chance. But fundamentally, your onsite offering must appeal in the 1st place. That’s the base principle. 🙂

Keep up the good blogging work, Shi Ming. I am sure our visitors will definitely benefit from your sharing.

Insightful and interesting.

Thanks for sharing! 😉

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