Facebook Singapore Has Arrived!

Eunice Khoo

I believed that there has been a constant buzz among advertisers, search engine marketers, entrepreneurs and definitely Facebookers on the arrival of Facebook Singapore (SG). It has finally arrived and there is a lot of excitement over what the Facebook SG team can offer!

How will Facebook SG change the advertising model in Asia? How customized will the advertising platform be for the Asian region? I believed that there will be numerous questions install for Facebook SG.

In the recent F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg stated his aim to turn the Web into an “instant social experience” by including new “Like” buttons and auto-login capabilities for users. Zuckerberg pointed out that Facebook is building a Web where the default will be a s social experience the moment users log on to the internet.

So what Facebook did was to came out with the Open Graph.

Facebook Open Graph Concept

Facebook Open Graph Concept

The Open Graph is basically a concept that will enable the users on Facebook to connect to the people they know, as well as public figures, services and products they like. It is like a new platform that allows websites and apps to share information with each other. Even though, Facebook Connect is similar in nature, the Open Graph now offers the ability to store their data for more than 24 hours. It means users now can connect more within an extended time range. For the first time, users are no longer just defined by things on Facebook but also by things all over the web.

This feature looks like a unique proposition to advertisers in the Asian market. Advertisers could potentially be able to get more information and insights into their audience and users. The challenge for clickTRUE would be to work out the optimal way to go about using the Open Graph and Facebook’s presence in Singapore for the benefit of our clients.

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Using the “Likes” to build the Open Graph will allow the creation of semantic nodes of the member which generated dynamically with his/her behaviour and can be now stored over an extended period of time. The Right Ads can then be delivered at the right time, right place. Well, at least this is the promise for a better …ads experience and thus better ads performance.

In addition, the landscape of owning and maintaining your own database of members has taken a new enhanced direction. I would carefully rethink on the approach of what i would simply coin as “Members DB 2.0” Ask yourself. Can you own a bigger members database than Facebook? How to leverage and co-exist and still be relevant with why users leave their footprint with you?

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