How To Increase The Marketing Effectiveness Of Your Facebook Page

Jereme Wong

Known as the Edgerank Algorithm, Facebook uses several in built calculations to determine who will receive the updates, this is what limits the visibility of your updates.

1. Affinity – which measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score.

2. Weight – Different types of posts carry different weights. The higher the weight, the higher the score.

3. Time Decay – As a post ages it continually loses value.

On average, research reveals that only 16% of your fans will see you posts on average.

So how do you increase the visibility of your Facebook Page? 

Check out the 6 tips below in this infographic by

If you are looking at increasing the reach of your Facebook posts to your fans, give us a buzz and we could most definitely help.

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