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Esther Yeap

I contemplated writing an entry on the know-how of using Twitter for business, but very quickly dispelled that idea. Instead, I decided that I will tell you a story. One that involves Starhub and Twitter and an experience that cemented my belief that social media is truly powerful for any business when employed correctly. Okay, that’s like a blatant giveaway and made me sound like a total geek, so allow me to dive right in.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, my family and I travelled to Malaysia to visit my grandparents who reside across the causeway. Like any festive season in a big family, there was plenty of everything – food, commotion and kids, one of which was particularly fascinated with my newly purchased iPhone and couldn’t get her hands off it. That was not a problem, until much later, of course, when I received a bill of $424.70.

I was aghast, to say the least. Apparently, Starhub has charged me $286.49 for 13MB data usage in Malaysia! There was nothing on the website or the price plans that indicated that overseas charges would be so exorbitant, and the only thing shouting out at me was the bright and happy “No Bill Shock” promise, so you can imagine how peeved I was to have seen my bill.

Awfully upset about the situation, yet not really wanting to be whining to my friends about it, I went on Twitter to gripe about my bill shock to the anonymous world.


The following day, much to my surprise, I received a tweet from Starhub.


Soon, a conversation ensued.

starhub conversation

After an hour, a Starhub personnel called me to clarify and rectify my predicament, and my bill was given a 50% discount. It wasn’t fantastic, but it appeased me enough, and the next time I am overseas, I’ll be sure to get an overseas SIM card or simply not use my phone at all unless absolutely necessary.

That said, my Twitter experience with Starhub was invaluable. At clickTRUE, we believe social media is a very powerful tool, and we’ve always advocated using it as a means to provide prompt customer service because customers are on social media and talking about your brand whether you like it or not, so it is so important to listen to them.

Starhub listened, acknowledged and addressed my issue and it is something that every business should do. Customers prefer a good customer experience over price. Besides, a good customer experience not only helps to drive Word of Mouth, but will result in less defecting, all of which correlate to your bottom lines.

Hence, if you haven’t gone social, perhaps it’s time to consider doing so because it sure pays to provide your customers with support through social media especially when happy customers can effectively make all the difference in shaping your brand and business.

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