This Is Why You Should NOT Chase Facebook Likes

Ken Wong

Does your online marketing strategy involve building and using Facebook Likes?

If you currently collect Facebook Likes and then blast out promotional messages for free through organic Facebook posts, you’ll likely need a new strategy.

Let me tell you 2 reasons why:

1. Facebook now bans the practice forcing users to Like your page before they can join your contests

This was a widespread practice for many companies in Singapore and Malaysia to gather a lot of Likes quickly. but now it is no longer allowed by Facebook.

Your Facebook page is likely to take a big hit if you were using Like-gating to get Likes. But fret not, we offer alternatives to getting more engagement through Facebook.

2. Your Facebook’s organic reach will approach ZERO

According to a white paper by Social@Ogilvy earlier this year, the organic reach for large pages with more than 500,000 Likes dropped to 2 percent in February 2014. It is likely to approach zero.

With that kind of statistics, why would you still want to depend heavily on Facebook’s organic reach for your marketing? You are playing a losing game.

Alternative to the dead Like model

Let’s come back to your main aim of getting more Likes on Facebook:

Is it to blindly chase after more Likes so that you win bragging rights? Or is it to have more engagement with your target audience so that you can get more of your services or products in their hands?

I am guessing it is the latter. Then why not find a better way to engage with your target audience?

Be in control of your own engagement with the power of email.

McKinsey reported in a study that e-mail is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers compared to Facebook and Twitter combined.

You will likely have a much better chance of beating the noise in a person’s mailbox compared to their Facebook newsfeed. It will require some effort to collect e-mails so you should start now.

Best way to collect e-mail addresses

To collect these e-mail addresses, you can set up a landing page based on product or service that you’re selling.

A landing page is a single webpage that pitches your product or service to your target audience. You can give a good reason on why your audience should leave their email address with you.

A good example is as has done:

[image above: a landing page that captures e-mail addresses]

In this example, unbounce has used a course (on how to increase landing page conversions) to entice their audience to give their email.

For your landing page, you can use anything available to you (e.g.: discounts, gifts, free trials, etc) to get emails from your target audience.


There are many other strategies to engaging your target audience more on Facebook.

Keep your end goal in mind and remember not to chase Facebook Likes blindly only to lose sight of better ways out there to engage your target audience and get more sales.

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