Twitter Profile Pagerank: What does it Mean?

Gino Carpio

I’ve noticed very recently that individual Twitter accounts are now page ranked. Amazing! As we all know Page Rank (PR) is a numeric value assigned by Google to “measure” the importance of the page.

Interesting enough, some of the Twitter Profiles with less than 50 followers & less than 100 tweets have PR-4 while in some profiles with much more tweets and activities, they are rated PR-0. You are probably wondering if a Twitter PR still matters in this case? Well, Twitter Profile PR is important if you want your profile to be ranked on the Search Engines.

Thus, the guy with the less than 50 followers and less than 100 tweets has a better PR and is most probably ranking higher on Google because he may have good and important authoritative pages linked to him.

Here are some quick steps to get your Twitter Profile page up to speed in terms of PR:

1. How to check your individual Twitter Page Rank:  Use

2. How to increase your Twitter Account PageRank:
a. Must have quality inbound links.
b. Optimize your tweets, important keywords must be present on every tweet.
c. Get more twitter followers, one way of boosting Twitter followers is submitting your profiles to Twitter User Directories (example:
d. Utilize the Twitter profile – Twitter Bio, Website
e. Generate good quality tweets – Sharing good links, and getting the attention of some bloggers.

Please take note, that Page Rank is only updated every two months. Let us know some of your better strategies in getting good page rank for your Twitter Account. Also, do follow us on or visit our SEO Page =)

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I saw a tool that computes Twitter Page Rank: measures user reputation in a way far more robust than counting the number of followers. The basic idea is to look at how many people interact with you and give you their attention, weighted by how many people interact and pay attention to them.

I tried to rank my twitter page ( but it does not have a rank, did anyone else have an issue with getting a page rank.

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