What Makes An Awesome Social Media Marketer

Cassandra Aw

We all know that social media marketing is all the rage now, but few of us have any idea as to how to get about embarking on a suitable campaign. One great tip clickTRUE has for you? Hire an awesome social media marketer – and you'll be all set. After all, as its name suggests, social media is all about people, and people socializing. Read on for more great advice on how you can get around to spotting an awesome social media hire when you see him or her!

1) Well-versed in traditional media

The problem with a lot of us social media geeks is that we get tremendously caught up in the way technology shifts and transforms, and we fail to realize that those outside the digital community take far longer to fully embrace social media and its accompanying changes.

The charts above show that Internet has taken up a significant portion of global media shares in the last decade. But traditional media such as TV and magazines are still very much relevant in today's time and age. Therefore it is important that social media marketers do not look at social media as an ends to itself. Traditional media still needs to play a key role in your overall strategy.

2) A risk-taker

If the only thing your new social media marketer can do for you is:

  • Create a Facebook page for a company event
  • Tweet about your firm's new line of product offerings
  • Take a video of a company dinner and post it on Youtube

He's probably not the guy you are looking for. A great social media strategist thinks out of the box rather than constantly play it safe and keep to tried-and-tested formulas.

3) Sensitive to others' emotions

You might remember when we blogged about uses of Facebook which caused more harm than good to brands. What inherently went wrong with these brands' strategies was the distinct lack of tact behind them. Your goal of engaging a social media marketer is to widen your reach and build stronger relationships with your customers – and the opposite will only happen if you do not take these people's thoughts and feelings into consideration before launching your campaigns.

While we are on this topic, your social media marketer should also be responsive and an excellent listener. After all, the purpose of having a social media marketing campaign is that it allows you to engage your customers in a dialogue. There's no point in using it as a mere information dissemination tool.

4) Passionate About Sharing Content

You want someone who is up-to-date and competent with the technology behind the various social media platforms and tools out there. That's reasonable. But you also want a people person – someone who enjoys communicating and sharing information with others, who thrives on being heard and, in turn, hearing what others have to say. And if you need any further persuading on the importance of this trait, take a look at this SlideShare presentation. After a

5) Proficient at writing

A flair for language is a must if you want to deliver messages convincingly and efficiently. This stands in the case of marketing through traditional channels such as newspapers and magazines, and it is even more important your messages are being communicated on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Plurk. People are going to spare your message no more than a fleeting glance and your social media marketer needs to be able to hook them within these precious few seconds.

What kind of skills do you reckon a good social media marketer should have? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below! Meanwhile, keep checking this space for more to come next week!

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