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What clickTRUE Is REALLY Like – From An Intern’s Perspective

Shi Ming

What is working in clickTRUE really like? Get an insider’s view on life in clickTRUE and what it truly stands for from an intern’s point of view.

SEO And Online Marketing – A Visit To The Doctor

Jereme Wong

Everyday as I meet new clients, there’s always a handful of FAQs regarding topics on SEO and Online Marketing as a whole. I recently had an inspiration after a visit to the Doctor, and I’m hoping to use that experience to draw a parallel in answering some of these myths.

Briq Partners With clickTRUE On Integrated Advertising Solutions

Esther Yeap

clickTRUE ties up with Briq Communications in a strategic partnership to offer clients advertising solutions comprising digital and traditional media. The partnership combines clickTRUE’s proficiency in online performance marketing and conversion optimisation with Briq’s expertise in client servicing and traditional media, to enable both companies to address the needs of their Singapore-based clients for more comprehensive solutions in advertising.

clickTRUE Champions Google’s New Partner Programme

Esther Yeap

clickTRUE champions Google’s new partner programme and is the first company in Southeast Asia to receive both the Google AdWords Certified Partner and Google Analytics Certified Partner status.

Strategic Online Marketing Seminar (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Esther Yeap

clickTRUE, together with Google Singapore, will be holding the “Strategic Online Marketing Seminar” on the 17th and 30th June 2010. Learn how to make use of Adwords, Analytics, and Social Media to effectively grow your business online. (Hurry! 80% of the seats are already taken up. Get your seat now!)

Making Online Advertising Useful With Google Ad Innovations

Shuxian Huang

Google has recently launched their latest experimental playground for online marketers to get updated on their release of new ad initiatives for search advertising. These includes new ad extensions and ad models which can possibly help you reach out to more targeted audiences that potentially give better success to meet advertising goals.

Man Lands Job With $6 Google Campaign – Lessons For Your Own Advertising Campaigns

Shi Ming

Clever marketing and a bit of creativity can help create an extremely effective advertising campaign. See how one unemployed man used his creativity to secure a job with just $6 and several really well chosen keywords.

Rising Significance of Mother’s Day

Jereme Wong

This Mother’s Day, other than celebrating it with the all the mums in the family, I decided to take a look at the online statistics surrounding this special day. I was surprised to see a 300% growth in search volume comparing against last year. Read on to find out what else I found out.

Making Your Drupal Site Mobile-Friendly


Are you sick of loading websites that are not friendly to your phone? If you run a website, you definitely hope people wouldn’t complain about such issues. Here’s 2 way to make your Drupal site mobile-friendly.

A Look Into Google’s Insights

Sharmaine Teo

Ever wondered what the world is searching for on the internet?Use Google Insights for Search, a tool that helps advertisers and marketers understand user behavior.