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How To Increase The Marketing Effectiveness Of Your Facebook Page

Jereme Wong

Known as the Edgerank Algorithm, Facebook uses several in built calculations to determine who will receive the updates, this is what limits the visibility of your updates. Read on and discover 6 tips to increase the marketing effectiveness of your Facebook Page.

How To Screw Up Social Media And Get More Fans “Magically”

Ming Yeung

Is all publicity good? In a bid to stake a claim amongst all the noise on social media today, is it a viable option to screw up our social media campaigns? Join me as we take a look at some intriguing examples ranging from the Red Cross to McDonald’s.

The Curious Incident Of The Intern In clickTRUE

Cassandra Aw

Fortunately for this particular intern, her experience hasn’t been quite so nightmarish… Wait, why am I talking about myself in third person today? Let’s rewind and start again from the top, shall we? 😀

8 Tips For Building A Great Facebook Page

Cassandra Aw

Having a Facebook page is an integral part of most companies' social media campaigns, and it's easy to see why. And if you aren't yet convinced about the wonders a Facebook page can do for your overall marketing strategy, just…

Reacting To Negative Feedback In Social Media – Part 2

Cassandra Aw

Leaping onto the social media bandwagon is often viewed as a risky move by companies, because it essentially means you are letting everyone out there see what others think of your company. There is always the fear of having to…

Reacting To Negative Feedback On Social Media: Part 1

Cassandra Aw

Unless you live in a cave, by now you should have heard of Nando’s recent major customer service boo-boo involving Singaporean actress Joanne Peh, and the resulting media furore when Peh took her anger onto Twitter.

The Nando’s incident illustrates an important point. Just as how a compliment posted on a social network can, through the word of mouse, bring your company even more profits, a misstep in how you present yourself to your customers can easily undo the years of hard work that went into building up your reputation.

Great Use Of Social Media Marketing In Singapore

Cassandra Aw

Well-executed social media marketing campaigns can help your company acquire a highly involved and engaged audience, and this is especially significant in Singapore, where “brands risk being sidelined if they don’t engage consumers in social media”. Of course, all this is easier said than done, but there are plenty of brands which have embarked on social media marketing projects in Singapore with great results. In this post we will look at 4 great examples and the important lessons we can extract from them.

New Facebook Pages And What This Means For Your Business

Natalie Copuroglu

Facebook has unveiled last week in a note a new design for Facebook pages. Their look will be very similar to that of individual pages, but a few changes could be very beneficial to your business. Let’s have a look at the main changes that will take place on March 10th.

Top 5 Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

Natalie Copuroglu

Following last week’s article about the importance of social media for small businesses, here are some tips to get you started with your social media strategy. Let’s have a look.

Social Media For Small Businesses: Is It Worth It?

Natalie Copuroglu

You’re hearing everywhere that businesses should have a social media strategy, that every week a new social media tool comes out (“what, you are not on Quora yet?”), that social media will be time consuming and that it may not pay off…in sum, social media seems quite complex and you are not sure if it’s worth investing your time in it. Let’s have a look at some benefits you can get from using social media for your small business.