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How To Screw Up Social Media And Get More Fans “Magically”

Ming Yeung

Is all publicity good? In a bid to stake a claim amongst all the noise on social media today, is it a viable option to screw up our social media campaigns? Join me as we take a look at some intriguing examples ranging from the Red Cross to McDonald’s.

8 Tips For Building A Great Facebook Page

Cassandra Aw

Having a Facebook page is an integral part of most companies' social media campaigns, and it's easy to see why. And if you aren't yet convinced about the wonders a Facebook page can do for your overall marketing strategy, just…

What Makes An Awesome Social Media Marketer

Cassandra Aw

We all know that social media marketing is all the rage now, but few of us have any idea as to how to get about embarking on a suitable campaign. One great tip clickTRUE has for you? Hire an awesome…

Social Media Trends In Singapore 2011

Cassandra Aw

Remember this post on Singapore's social media scene that we posted last year? Since then, social media trends in Singapore have evolved somewhat. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube remain mainstays of our social media scene, but other social networks boosting functions…

When Facebook Does More Harm Than Good

Cassandra Aw

Companies are jumping onto the social media bandwagon if they haven't already, and the reason is obvious. Social media advertising revenues totaled a whooping $2.1 billion in 2010, and is forecast to grow to $8.3 billion annually by 2015, according…

Choosing A Social Media Agency

Esther Yeap

More often than not, when we go for pitches, we get asked the question, “What makes you different?” and that’s a great question to ask, no doubt, but overtime we also discovered that while clients are asking that, what they are implying is, “Why should I trust you to help me with social media?”.

In other words, they’re asking us, “How do you tell the credible from the dud?”.

So, where do you begin when trying to assess if the social media agency that you’re talking to is credible, or simply blowing smoke? Here are some tips that might help you!

Why Do Customers Like Your Facebook Page?

Jereme Wong

Just recently, Starbucks became the first consumer brand to achieve 10 million fans on Facebook. These days, almost every brand out there are jumping onto the social media bandwagon. But honestly, how many of your customers are fans of your brand and what do they want out of that relationship?

Facebook – The Semantic Search Engine

Bertrand Tay

The theory of a semantic search engine might be both irrelevant and unheard of to the general public. But with the leader in social networking taking incremental steps to introduce their version of a semantic search engine, all that could be about to change.

Singapore’s Social Media Scene

Stephanie Phua

Microblogging sees growth of over 300%, while social networking and watching videos dominate Singaporeans’ behavioral preferences.

Social Media Marketing In Asia

Stephanie Phua

A closer look at how Asians are using social media and the differences in key markets