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The developments in Google Analytics keep flying in. Ever wished that you can sit yourself behind your terminal screen, log into your Google Analytics account and watch the traffic and activity on your website real time? I know of people that are already spending hours, constantly pressing their reload button, in an attempt to get the most up to date screen of their data. 

With Google Analytics Real-Time: a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens, your obsession with traffic on your website can be further fueled.

Google Analytics Real-Time

FAQ (as provided by Google)

How often are reports updated currently?
The GA standard reports will always contain data up until 24 hours ago, and often much more recent. The new Real-Time reports will be updated continuously and always show data just a couple of seconds or so after the on-site activity actually takes place.

Will these reports be available globally?

How do users access real-time reports?
The Real-Time reports are available in the new version of Google Analytics. They are on the Dashboards tab.

Is all of Google Analytics now real-time?
No, only the Real-Time reports will update in real-time. The rest of Google Analytics reports will continue update as normal.

Why are you only making some reports real-time?
Our existing reports have very rich functionality, not all of which can be made available instantly because significant processing is required.

Will you move to make more reports real-time? If so, when?
We are interested in making Real-Time reports as feature rich as possible, and we have several ideas in mind on how to improve them. However, we are not announcing any future plans at this time.

How does this compare to other real-time reporting tools?
The Google Analytics Real-Time reports reflect what’s happening on your site within a few seconds making them actually real-time.

Get It Now

Real Time is officially launched on September 29th, and will continue to roll out throughout October until it reaches 100% of users. However, you can sign up for early access here: What are you waiting for?

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