Launch Of Google Analytics Premium

Adrian Tan

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As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are pleased to be one of the first to help Google announce the launch of their Google Analytics Premium.  For a flat-rate annual fee, Google Analytics Premium increases the power of Google Analytics for businesses that need:

  • More data, guaranteed service, world class support
  • Significantly higher data limits
  • Reporting accuracy maximised
  • Option to download unsampled report

This professionally done video will help in understanding what Google Analytics Premium will mean to the power users.

Google Analytics Standard Edition (free)

What about the the Google Analytics Standard Edition you say? You might know it as the free version that you have been using so far. Google Analytics Premium is not expected to be a replacement. There is assurance from Google that the Standard Edition will still receive many great feature enhancements going forward, with many coming out in the near future. We at clickTRUE are of the opinion that the Standard Ediiton will serve the needs of the majority of web analytics users.

Capturing the Web Analytics Enterprise Market

This is obviously a significant and timely development for Google and partners in embracing the needs of the enterprise market in web analytics. Leveraging on the popularity of Google Analytics for the masses, we expect a significant adoption of Premium by in the near future. Just look at the guarantees that they will make – impressive.

How do you get your hands on Google Analytics Premium?

You can purchase GA Premium directly through Google – contact us and we can help facilitate this. Alternatively, you can work with a Google Analytics Premium Authorised Reseller. Unfortunately, there are no Premium Authorised Resellers in Asia yet (fingers crossed that clickTRUE becomes one).

Google Analytics Services

We provide the following Google Analytics services in Singapore:

  • GA Setup
  • GA Audit
  • GA Analysis
  • GA Support
  • GA Training

Learn more about our Google Analytics pricing. Visit our Google Analytics Website.

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