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"clickTRUE helped us launch our social media marketing campaign, and we are really excited that our Discover Nikon Facebook Fan page has gathered more than 50,000 fans in a year! It was a phenomenal result having started with nothing, and I must give credit to clickTRUE for helping Nikon conceptualise the entire Social Media strategy and executing it to grow this community."

William Lee
Nikon Asia

"We've worked with clickTRUE for over 2 years now and they have seen us through many successful campaigns. Their dedication to help us achieve our marketing objectives is praiseworthy and we’re happy to have a partner like that."

Vanda Chan
Interactive Media | Nestle

"clickTRUE has an experienced team with varied expertise that complements our new media team. The breadth and depth of knowledge in digital marketing they bring to the table have helped us produce amazing results."

Loh Yew Seng
CEO | SPH Magazines

"We've been working together for a long time and they're always our chosen partner because of their expertise in various digital aspects such as search strategy and analytics. Also, they're always professional and prompt in delivering commitments, and we share a great synergy, making them a joy to work with."

Ray Pak
Executive Director | Briq Communications

"To be honest, we were at first skeptical of their claims. But when they helped us launch the campaign and the numbers came in, we never looked back. The team is very savvy in the social spaces and their professionalism and passion is outstanding!"

Mohamed Yusof
Director of Business Strategies | Royal Plaza on Scotts