Our Mission

We want to build an admired and trustworthy marketing consultancy with people-sustainable practices that delivers strategic inbound marketing and business intelligence solutions for the sector leaders in the B2B & Higher Education industries with bold sustainability aspirations.

You may be wondering, what does admired mean? We want to be an admirable digital consultancy -- admired by our peers, clients and the people who join us. We always ask ourselves, "Is what I'm doing admirable?", "Am I honest?" and "Am I truly helping my client?"

What does trustworthy mean? We also want to be worthy of our trusting customers, suppliers and people who want to do business with us. We always ask ourselves, " Are we deserving of our good customers?", "Are we competent, capable and qualified?", "Are we reliable and dependable for the jobs to be done?", "Are we always communicative in our relationships", "Are we aligned to the interests and goals of others?"

Making sure what we do is admirable and trustworthy keeps us in check, and allows us to be proud of what we do here at clickTRUE. 

People-sustainable practices allows us to look at things from a more long-term. In the world of digital marketing, everyone is chasing after short-term goals, which leads to either campaign performance being short-lived or causing burnout. First be human, then be helpful and useful. We are all humans, not robots. So we make sure that we look out for one another in order to continue delivering value to our clients without burning out.


What drives us at clickTRUE?

clickTRUE has been around for quite some time, and in our 20 years of experience, we have seen what works and what does not. With that, our founders have penned down what they believe should be the core values and goals of the company. when managing the respective teams here in clickTR UE. Unbeknownst to the employees, these 6 values have been interwoven into the daily practices here at clickTRUE, such as our monthly Certification Day for facilitated learning, and the entire culture we have to support one another. We don't just want to be believers, we need to be practitioners.

"We eat our own dog food, so that we practise what we preach. We want to ensure that when we tell our staff how we make certain decisions, it must be governed by these values that we have designed, so that we can look them in the eyes and mean what we say."
- Jereme Wong, Chief Operating Officer of clickTRUE

By practising these values on a day-to-day basis, we are able to ensure that the entire company internalises it as a culture. By aligning with these core values, we hope to create a more positive work environment and culture in which all employees can thrive.


clickTRUE's 6 Core Values


The world we live in is totally VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Nobody knows what the future of work looks like, but the one thing we know for sure is that adaptability and having a growth mindset will help us to stay afloat in this ever-changing world. It is tougher in this new era to have lifetime employment, but if we are always learning, we will always be able to pick up valuable skills that will help keep our options open and allow us to adapt to anything the future throws at us. We should never ever stop thinking, keeping our eyes and ears open. We recognise that everything and everyone offers us the chance to learn, unlearn and relearn. 




Trust is the foundation of every great corporation. We believe that trust is essential for an effective team because it provides a sense of security, and allows for the team to gel together as a collective unit. Every single team member has a part to play in creating this safe community, and hence we conscientiously choose our new hires by inviting team members to conduct the final interview and assess the potential employee based on how well they can interact with fellow team members. The dynamic of the team is so important – the support and compassion that team members have for one another prevents the team from burning out. We are stronger together, as each individual brings a new set of unique skills to the table that will complement the strength of the team in both depth and breadth of expertise. By building trust and working together, a strong team-spirit will be formed that allows clickTRUE to delight our clients.


With many clients, we have to manage many tabs at the same time. Being responsive and proactive allows us to provide exceptional service to our clients that will satisfy them. Even if we do not have an immediate solution to our clients problems, we will still acknowledge it, and go back and consider possible solutions that will solve our client’s issues. As soon as we have an acceptable solution, we will respond to our clients. Although speed is easy, quality is hard. We believe that although quality comes first, speed comes immediately next, influencing us to be #delightfullyresponsive to our clients in order to solve our client’s issues and to let our clients feel like they’re not alone in their challenges.




We want our failures to be many small ones rather than one big one. We find one foot hurdles to jump over, not five foot ones. We always aim to constantly improve our team gradually, and learn from failures, rather than sweeping our failures and mistakes under the carpet, resulting in years of stagnation culminating in a disastrous incident that could cause the collapse of the company. Hence, we always take our customer feedback seriously. Even when our employees leave our company, we encourage them to leave us GlassDoor issues, especially when they have bad ones. These help us identify the gaps in our business and allow us to fix them before it affects us even more. 


People, Profit, Planet. Those are the 3 bottom lines that we as a company live by. First and foremost, we prioritise our customers. It is in our blood to put our customers at the forefront of the business. In fact, that is exactly how inbound marketing works. We also prioritise our people. We aim to continuously upskill and develop the talents we have at our company. As such, we host a certification day each month, allowing our staff to stay up to date on the newest marketing know-how. Next, profit is something we base our business off. After all, a bankrupt company is not one that can delight its customers. In order to continue helping our customers and paying our employees, we have to run on a sustainable business model that ensures that the company does not collapse. Last but definitely not least, we have to do our duty to protect the planet and the environment. Hence, we always select our clients carefully, choosing those who help our 3 bottom lines. After all, as a business-to-business company, we inherit our clients’ souls. 




A little kindness goes a long way. Both as individuals or as a company, we believe that empathy is the most important quality in life. Everybody has their own unique circumstances, be it background or financial conditions, that we might not be able to see. We must consciously put ourselves in their shoes and understand that everybody has their reasons. Hence, we always practise empathy, be it with our staff or our clients. We recognise that everyone is bound to make mistakes, so we help our employees embrace them, rather than reprimanding them. We also understand that our clients are just trying to meet their targets so we always try our best to meet their demands. Empathy is something that can not only improve interpersonal relationships, but prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.


Admiration & Trustworthiness - that’s what clickTRUE functions on. Every value established by the company aims to make clickTRUE a more admirable and trustworthy company for our staff, clients and even competitors. We want to change the way marketing is done around the world by promoting our efficient and effective inbound marketing methods. We want every client who has collaborated with us to have benefited from our efforts. And we want every marketer who comes through our doors to have a broader, deeper skill set and to be able to contribute more to whatever company they go on to.

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